CTILink Table of Contents

System Requirements
What is CTILink?
Connecting to the phone system
Setting up preferences
Setting up TAPI
Setting up TSAPI
Setting up Mitel's MiTai
Configuring for Citrix
The Connection Button
The Dialer dialog
Dialing properties
Edit Speed Button dialog
Dialing Digits and Extensions
Conferencing and Transferring calls
Determining how Inbound Numbers Are Searched
Forwarding and Redirecting Received Calls
Using Centrex Transfers
Setting Up Outlook
Using Outlook
Power Dialing From Outlook
Setting up TeleMagic
Using TeleMagic with CTILink
Setting up Goldmine
Using Goldmine with CTILink
Setting up and Using Send Keys
Setting up and Using Tigerpaw Software
Setting up and Using Active Server Page
Using the CTILink ActiveX Phone Bar
CTI COM Interface specification
Network Installation
License and Warranty
Registering CTILink