The CTILink ActiveX Phone Bar

Utilize the power of CTILink through it's easy to use Phone Bar OCX and/or its extensive COM interface to customize your own Visual Basic, C++, Delphi or Microsoft Office Application.

CTIBarX.ocx is installed with CTILink and can be incorporated easily into HTML, Outlook and Office forms by displaying the Toolbox dialog in Visual Interdev or a VBA form designer, right clicking and selecting Customize Toolbox... and choosing the CTI Linkbar Control from the active X list. Or entering the following vb script sample on an html form or VBA Code window:

<OBJECT classid=clsid:07245D45-97EE-11D2-B621-00104B97FCB1>

The result is the following active x control which enables full call control in your application:

If a visual control is not needed or additional customization is required, utilize the CTI COM Interface specifiation.

The CTILink Dialing and Events page (please use a browser that supports ActiveX controls such as Internet Explorer) demonstrates controlling the phone both directly through the Phone Bar Ocx  and indirectly using jscript. Also following are some simple dialing examples in VbScript and JScript:

Instantiate CTILink and dial out:

Sub DialString(DialStr,Name,Extension)
 if DialStr <> "" then                                                                               'don't dial without a value
   Set CTIPhoneBar = CreateObject("CTILinkBarX.CTILinkBar")    'instantiate CTILink ocx
   CTIPhoneBar.DialNumber DialStr,Name,Extension                      'dial the number
   MsgBox "Press OK to Hangup"
   CTIPhoneBar.ConnectBtnClick     'the caption on the connect button is Hang-up at this point
   set CTIPhoneBar = Nothing           'free CTILink
   MsgBox "Disconnected"
 End If
End Sub
function DialString(DialStr,Name,Extension){
 if (DialStr != "") {      // don't dial without a value
  var oCTILink;
  oCTILink = new ActiveXObject("CTILinkBarX.CTILinkBar");       // instantiate CTILink ocx
  oCTILink.DialNumber(DialStr,Name,Extension);                          // dial the number
  alert("Press OK to Hangup");
  oCTILink.ConnectBtnClick();    // the caption on the connect button is Hang-up at this point