Dialing Properties

Dialing properties control how a telephone number is dialed. The Dialing Properties dialog can be displayed by clicking the Dialing Properties button from the Dialer dialog or Edit Speed Button dialog or when Configuring phone devices.

To set up dialing properties for a phone number, click Dial from the phone bar, enter a phone number and then click Dialing Properties. If the computer is moved from location to location, the New… button can be used to change the dialing parameters to correspond to each new location. Click Remove to remove the currently displayed location and click the "I am dialing from" drop-down button to select another location. The Area Code Rules… button displays the Area Code Rules dialog that allows setting up the North American Dialing Plan rules.

In the "How I dial from this location" enter the PBX Access code used to access local and long distance numbers. Some systems are set up so that additional PBX Access codes are to be used with specific prefixes. Click the PBX Access Code Rules button to set up additional PBX Access Rules.

The "Number to be dialed:" field shows exactly what will be dialed whenever a parameter is changed. If the Dialing Properties were invoked without a phone number for example when Configuring phone devices, then the "Number to be dialed" and "Dial as a long distance call" fields will not be displayed.

Setting Area Code Rules:

A number is made up of the following components:

When dialing within the local area code, use the "When calling within my area code" group box. To add a prefix, click the New... button and to remove a prefix, highlight it by clicking on it and then click Remove. The "Always dial the area code (10-digit dialing)" check box affects all the list prefixes.

For area codes that are different than the local area code listed in the Dialing Properties dialog, but are treated as local area codes, add them to the "When calling to other area codes" group box.

After the dialog is dismissed by clicking OK, the "Number to be dialed" field in the Dialing Properties dialog will display exactly how the number is going to be dialed.

Setting up PBX Access Code Rules:

The "Prefix-PBX Access Code" lists all access codes that are associated with a prefix. In the list, the number before the "-" is the prefix and the trailing number is the access code. To remove a list member, highlight it by clicking on it and then click Remove. To add a new association, click New....