Determining How Inbound Numbers Are Searched

Setting the search source:

When a call arrives CTILink searches the client application for a matching record using either the caller number (ANI), the called number (DNIS) or the collected digits from the IVR. By default the search is made using the caller number. To search using the called number click Options - Searching Calls - Set Search Source... to view the Selecting Search Source dialog.

Select the desired radio button.

the search range:

Phone search ranges allow incoming calls that fall between two values to be searched using only one number. This situation often occurs when being called from larger offices. Click Options – Searching Calls - Set Search Ranges… to view the Define Phone Search Range dialog.

Enter the area code and prefix of the desired phone range. If any ranges for this area code and prefix were entered before they will be displayed in the grid. Enter as many ranges as needed.

In the example below, any number between 561-832-3801 and 561-832-3810 will be searched for using 561-832-3802

Preventing a search for numbers below a user defined length:

Sometimes it is necessary to prevent searching on numbers that are less than a certain length. An example would be to prevent searches on internally dialed numbers. Click Options - Searching Calls - Set Search Phone Number Length... to display the Minimum Phone Search Length dialog. Modify the contents of the edit box to the needed value and click OK.