Setting up Preferences

To display the Preferences Dialog click Options – Preferences…

On Start up, display the CTILink phone bar as:

Click "Minimized" to show only the icon in the task bar or "Normal" to display the phone bar in its normal position.

HTML Window:

Enable the HTML Window:

When checked a new button called the HTML Mode  button will appear on the phone bar with a caption that is determined by the HTML Button Label. If the phone bar is attached to the top of the screen, the Auto Hide button is changed to a drop-down menu selection of the button.

Clicking the HTML Mode button will display a browser window that drops down from the phone bar to display an HTML document the source of which is defined in the HTML Document to load edit field. The height of the window can be adjusted and it will be remembered from session to session. The HTML document is used to add custom features to CTILink.

HTML Document to load:

Determines the the HTML document that will be displayed in the CTILink browser window. 

Button Label:

Determines the caption displayed on the HTML Mode button.

Phone Bar Display Options:

Attach Phone Bar to top of screen:

Causes the phone bar to act the like a windows task bar that is attached to the top of the screen. The phone bar moves to the top of the screen and an Auto Hide button is now visible. When the Auto Hide button is unpressed, the phone bar attaches to the top frame of the display and the desktop is resized so that no icons are hidden and mazimized windows will not obscure the phone bar. When the Auto Hide button is pressed (on), the phone bar slides up until a small line remains at the top of the screen. If the mouse is brought over the line, the phone bar slides back on the screen. If auto hide is on and Display Phone Bar on incoming call is checked, the phone bar will slide into view when a call arrives and if Minimize Phone Bar when all lines are idle is checked, it will slide up when all the lines are idle.

Display Phone Bar on incoming call:

If checked, the phone bar will return to it’s normal position if it is minimize when a call arrives.

Mininize Phone Bar when all line are idle:

Will cause the phone bar to minimize when all line are idle.

Remember Phone Bar position and size on exit:

When CTILink is next run, the position and size will be the same as when last exited.

Keep on top:

Check to have CTILink stay on top of all other windows. This option will have no effect if CTILink is attached to the top of the screen and does not auto hide.


Dial number from Windows clipboard:

Any number that is copied or cut to the clipboard will be automatically dialed. Use this option with caution because a number can easily be dialed unintentionally.